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Sedation Dentistry

Nervous about your dental visit?

Sedation DentistryMany people have found sedation, whether oral sedation or IV sedation, has made their trip to the dentist much easier. Some patients experience anxiety or even phobia about receiving dental treatment and, therefore, avoid dental treatment. Neglecting one's oral health can lead to more painful dental issues and/or tooth loss and risks the overall health of the patient. Sedation can help.

Oral Sedation:

An anti-anxiety medication is administered in pill form in the hours prior to dental treatment. The patient is relaxed, even drowsy, and able to receive dental treatment.

IV Sedation:

Although IV sedation is often referred to as "sleep dentistry", patients are actually conscious during this type of sedation and are able to respond and communicate. IV sedation creates a deep feeling of relaxation as well as an amnesia effect during the time drugs are being administered. Because some patients remember nothing at all following IV sedation, they feel as though they were sleeping. Because sedation is delivered intravenously, it works faster and can be adjusted during the procedure to ensure the patient is comfortable.

When using any type of sedation method, a responsible caregiver will accompany the patient to and from their appointment and stay with them for two to four hours following their procedure.

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